California Is Building Lots To Contain “Thousands” Living In Their Cars Across The State

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California Is Building Lots To Contain “Thousands” Living In Their Cars Across The State

Today in “news you won’t hear from liberal American news organizations”, it was reported this week that “thousands” of homeless California residents are being forced to live in their cars, amidst a growing housing crisis in the state.

California accounts for nearly half of the country’s homeless population. Ah, the sweet success of high taxes and liberal policies. 

Even better is the solution that some California cities are implementing to try and deal with the issue. According to a report by France 24 news, several cities are now encouraging the practice, setting up parking lots where homeless people can “more securely” spend the night. 

France 24 news interviewed several people in one lot, including a deliveryman who doesn’t make enough money to rent his own apartment. “Each car represents someone’s home,” the report notes about this lot outside of San Diego. 

One former homeless man, George Harris, actually turned the idea into a business, accruing 13 minivans which he has parked in various areas around Venice Beach, that he rents each for $300 per month. Each van comes with its own mattress, he told a reporter proudly. 

The vans have to be moved every 3 days to avoid getting towed and Harris is actually fighting the city ordinance that requires this in order to try and get permission to keep people living in vans throughout the city. Residents throughout the city seem unamused by the practice. 

“I called the police on one of his clients because the guy was defecating and urinating,” one resident said about a van parked outside of her home.

“Totally false,” Harris interrupted during the middle of her interview. “They make up stories about the van people.”

You can watch the full report here:


Tyler Durden

Fri, 01/31/2020 – 20:05

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