437. A Paradigm Shift on Abortion? Kerry Baldwin Makes a Libertarian Case for a New Perspective

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In today’s flagship Lions of Liberty podcast, host Marc Clair is joined by Kerry Baldwin of MereLiberty.com and the Dare to Think podcast to discuss her unique take on the subject of abortion, one that critiques not only the standard “pro-choice” and “pro-life” positions, but even the “principled compromise” position of evictionism as presented by Walter Block. Kerry’s critique of Block’s position even led to her debating him on the topic at a recent Soho Forum.

While I thought I had put the abortion issue to bed after my episode 400 roundtable, Kerry presented such a unique perspective on the issue that I had to invite her on to expand. We dive deep into some of the most difficult aspects of the abortion issue, including what should the libertarian outlook should be when rape is involved, the concept of a fetus as “trespasser” as presented by Block, and how a true paradigm shift on the issue can lead to better outcomes for consenting adults and fetuses alike. 

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