The Case Against Socialism

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Rand Paul’s new book, The Case Against Socialism, provides clear and compelling evidence as to why socialism begins with alluring promises and ends with starvation and even death for some.

Socialism is being promoted this political season with the appealing argument that the government can provide endless amounts of free entitlements. The promises are disingenuous because someone has to produce the goods and services as well as pay the taxes on those goods and services.

During his lifetime, Andrew Carnegie grew wealthy, but so did the economy. This was because the Industrial Revolution reduced poverty as wages rose. Thanks to free markets in much of the world, “extreme poverty” has now been reduced to 10 percent. While Carnegie may have been significantly wealthier than most of the population at the time, his wealth also benefited most of the U.S. population: he gave away most of his money before he passed, creating the modern library system, hospitals, scientific research centers, and universities. Without the wealth of Carnegie, many would have continued to live in abject poverty.

Rand Paul states, “Despite income inequality, the poor have made incredible gains.” Many times, the poor make incredible gains because of the wealth of the top earners, like the poor benefiting from Carnegie’s wealth. Paul then goes on to quote Deirdre McCloskey: “millions more have gas heating, cars, smallpox vaccinations, indoor plumbing, cheap travel, rights for women, lower child mortality, adequate nutrition, taller bodies, doubled life expectancy, schooling for their kids, a vote, and a shot at university and respect.”

Money invested in the private market with entrepreneurs increases production and reduces prices. This is why America has a greater abundance of goods and a very high standard of living, despite various levels of income inequality. Socialism seeks to abolish any type of inequality, especially income inequality, but ultimately ends in tyranny as the top socialist leaders continue to nurture their greed for power.

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