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Congressional Oversight Goes to Court

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Despite the Senate’s vote to reject the two articles of impeachment of President Trump, numerous lawsuits seeking access to White House and other records continue. On March 31, the Supreme Court will hear oral argument in three cases concerning the ability of Congress and a New York grand jury to obtain the President’s financial records (Trump v. MazarsTrump v. Deutsche Bank, and Trump v. Vance). Meanwhile, other cases pending in the District of Columbia concern efforts to obtain material related to the Mueller investigation.

Last month, I participated in half-day conference organized by the Levin Center at the Wayne State University Law School on “The Emerging Caselaw of Congressional Oversight,” with Professors Victoria Nourse, Kirsten Matoy Carlson, and Andrew Wright. Video of the full event is available here.

For more information on the various cases, the Levin Center has also put together a useful website with documents and summaries of the issues in these and other cases concerning Congressional oversight. It’s a useful resource for more information on the legal issues concerning the scope of legislative oversight of the Executive Branch, and President Trump in particular.

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