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Bloomberg Burning $5.6 Million Per Day On Campaign Advertising

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Bloomberg Burning $5.6 Million Per Day On Campaign Advertising

Two weeks ago we noted that Mike Bloomberg has been using his vast fortune to “fundamentally alter and manipulate US politics,” showering everyone within arm’s reach with enough money to buy a personality – and more staff than all of his Democratic opponents combined.

Photo via BoingBoing

Bloomberg has spent so much, in fact, that he crossed over the half-billion mark on Friday, shelling out $505.8 billion, or $5.5 million per day since he announced his candidacy on broadcast, cable, radio and digital ads according to Advertising Analytics.

And as Bloomberg’s Bloomberg notes, that’s $190 million more spent on ads than all of his (active) Democratic opponents combined – including billionaire hedge-fund founder Tom Steyer.

Alas for ‘mini’ Mike, not even half-a-billion dollars could stop the drive-by clubbing he received during last week’s Nevada debate – which sent Bloomberg’s PredictIt odds plummeting as Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) gained a sudden burst of support (to that end, Bloomberg has now embarked on a major anti-Sanders advertising campaign).

“After his performance tonight, I have no doubt he is about to drop tonight another $100 million in this campaign,” said Elizabeth Warren following the debate.

He’s spent $63 million in California, twice as much as Steyer and almost 10 times what Bernie Sanders has spent.

Bloomberg’s $52.3 million ad campaign in Texas is 17 times greater than Sanders’s. His campaign’s ad buys in Super Tuesday states total $201 million, 15 times greater than Sanders’s. –Bloomberg

Sadly, even the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffet, who said last year that he liked and would support Bloomberg has offered just a lukewarm endorsement of the former New York City mayor.

The next Democratic debate will be held on Tuesday in South Carolina – after which Bloomberg will resume campaigning in Super Tuesday states where he’s flooded the airwaves with advertising.

When will Bloomberg call the patient and announce and end to his vanity project?

Tyler Durden

Tue, 02/25/2020 – 07:27

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