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Henry Hazlitt on Longines Chronoscope

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The Longines Chronoscope television series ran from 1951–55 and was hosted by William Bradford Huie, Larry LeSueur, and Henry Hazlitt. The series consisted of fifteen-minute episodes featuring interviews with many notable people of the time, such as Eleanor Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Joseph McCarthy, Earl Warren, Clare Booth Luce, Henry Steele Commager, Everett Dirksen, John Foster Dulles, Marriner Eccles, J. William Fulbright, Barry Goldwater, Averell Harriman, Hubert Humphrey, Henry Cabot Lodge, Dean Rusk, Robert A. Taft, Arnold Toynbee, and many more historical figures.

This episode from June 16, 1952, features Huie and Hazlitt talking with Robert R. Young, chairman of the board of the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad, about strikes, price controls, innovation, and featherbedding.

This video is part of the National Archives and Records Administration Internet Archive and is free to download, borrow, and stream. It is available at archive.org. Thanks to David Krall for sending this to us.

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