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FF 218 – Exposing Extrajudicial Torture and Abuse by the Bureau of Prisons with Holli Coulman

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On today’s episode of Felony Friday Holli Coulman joins John to share some horrifying stories that are occurring today in our prison system. Awful abuse and torture being carried out illegally by the Bureau of Prisons. 

Holli previously shared her story back on Episode 95 of Felony Friday. Today Holli shares some information about another former guest – Lynn Espejo Episode 110. Lynn is currently incarcerated and is being retaliated against by the Bureau of Prisons because she has blogged about the Chaplain at her prison camp (who has since been removed for sexual abuse.)

Holli’s is a part of two Prison Consulting Agencies:

Wall Street Prison Consultants

Pink Lady Prison Consultants

Fight Censorship, Share This Post!

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