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CDC Director: No ‘Regular Life’ Until At Least the Middle of Next Year

CDC Director: No ‘Regular Life’ Until At Least the Middle of Next Year
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Remember President Donald Trump saying he wanted things to open up in America by Easter? Oh well. Throughout most of America, the coronavirus crackdowns are continuing strong five months after Easter. And United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Robert R. Redfield said Wednesday at a US Senate subcommittee hearing that “regular life” will not begin to return until, he predicts, the “late second quarter, third quarter” of next year — around the middle of 2021.

Why the long wait? Redfield says the wait is so a coronavirus vaccine can be distributed and injected around America first.

Of course, many people have no interest in taking this sped-up vaccine that is just about sure to cause more harm than good considering facts including that coronavirus is not a particularly dangerous disease for most people and that the vaccine is not even undergoing ordinary vaccine testing. By the middle of next year there may also be very little to no spreading of coronavirus.

If enough people refuse vaccination, will the date of return to regular life be pushed back even more? Count on that or on mandates or incredible pressure being placed on people to be vaccinated. But, really, even if every single American takes the needle, there is no guarantee that the US government, along with state and local governments, will choose to give up all their newly created mandates. The coronavirus was a flimsy excuse for the power grab. Surely, new excuses can be concocted.

Hopefully, it is becoming much clearer to many more people each day that waiting for permission to return to regular life — to the “old normal” — is a chump move. A better course is to protest the “new normal” mandates, encourage others to join in opposition to the mandates, and act increasingly in defiance of the mandates, ignoring restraints on liberty put in place purportedly to address the contrived coronavirus crisis.

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