Love and War: This is Their Story

Love and War: This is Their Story

This may seem like a departure from the usual news, current events and politics on The Libertarian Hub, however it turns out libertarianism has its roots in this story. Since humans first started to form civilizations, we have struggled to find the perfect form of government. Tyranny and oppression have been the status quo for thousands of years.

Only in recent history have the concepts of liberty and freedom emerged as a viable system. But is liberty license to do whatever you want? Is freedom about using your rights to suppress the rights of those weaker than you? Of course not. Even in a utopian anarcho-capitalist society there would still be a basic fundamental law: don’t hurt other people, and don’t take their property. Where does this moral law originate? Why shouldn’t people just do whatever they want, even if it hurts someone else?

We are still very far from any sort of utopian, libertarian society. Selfishness, greed and hate permeate our daily lives. War and conflict scar human history. Despite all the problems and evil in this world for some reason we still don’t give up hope. We keep going; pushing through adversity with determination. But why? What motivates the human race to press forward in the face of overwhelming despair? One word: Love. That’s where our story begins.

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Excerpts below are quoted from the book Love & War by Jared Thurmon

Episode 1: Coup d’eJah

“The story goes like this: Everything was amazing! There are many planets with intelligent life, beings that don’t get sick or ever taste death; the best food, the best parties, the most amazing music, experiences, friendships … you name it, they had it all.

This galactic community, if you will, had one principle – one law to which all intelligent beings were subject. This, we are told, is the way it always had been. As long as everyone abided by this principle, all was well.

That principle was very clear: None lives for oneself. In other words, no one is to live selfishly. Some have described it more succinctly: love! As long as this one idea, this one principle, was lived, all was well.

However, that’s really where our story begins… news broke out that a coup was under way in the capital city of Jannah. There had been whispers of something like this in the air, but few thought it could ever really happen.

The ambassador – the prime minister – the one to whom all looked up for his wisdom, beauty, and talent – Lucifer – was now leading this revolt.”

Episode 2: The Mystery

“At first, Lucifer was in shock. Everyone was. Was Jannah supposed to carry on with business as usual? Each day seemed to have more questions than answers. With so much misunderstanding around the covenant, the citizens of Jannah, the guardians, were told that Lucifer would be given time to defend the principles he shared.

Just a few days later, reports started to circulate that earth and a new, distinct species was to be created – sentient beings with the ability to somehow create life; a race of beings almost as powerful as the guardians, yet with powers that even the guardians didn’t have. We don’t know if other civilizations out there have the power to procreate like we do, but we do know there was something unique about us.

After Lucifer and his followers were cast out, there was some kind of meeting, understanding, and agreement between Michael and Lucifer regarding the rules of engagement…

If mankind was to pass the test, they would become free to occupy the estates formerly enjoyed by Lucifer and the legions. The basis of freedom is choice. Mankind must enter the contest just like everyone else does: by choosing whom we will follow and serve… They thought that if they could persuade mankind to join them, then maybe, just maybe, Elohim would let them back into the city, or worst case, they would make earth their headquarters to show everyone what liberty and following your heart looked like.

If we had passed the test, we were to be given access to Jannah and all the realms, but once Lucifer took the title as king of the blue planet, he, with each leader of each planet, was granted access to the councils at the Capitol in Jannah.”

Episode 3: The Storm

“After they left the garden, that first couple began to have children, but with greater access to the mind, Lucifer and the legions began disseminating their campaign to anyone who would listen. Eventually, one of those sons rose up and killed the other.

As more children were born, they would choose sides. One side believed liberty was only granted with self-control and self-government. The other believed that liberty was unfettered license, and to follow desire was the highest ambition. One lived to love others; the other lived to love self.

With each passing generation, it became clear that unless something drastic happened – unless there was an intervention – mankind would become extinct… More and more, the legions convinced humans that they were to become like the gods. There was no supreme god; all were gods accountable only to themselves…

However, in the midst of all of this chaos, one man held onto hope. He lived in accordance with the covenant. He believed love and kindness were more sustainable than violence and selfishness. Finally, he was warned in a dream that without intervention, mankind would become extinct. He was warned of a coming climate catastrophe – a global storm.”

Episode 4: The Desert

“It all started in the desert of Palestine nearly 2,000 years ago. The sun was bright; the sky was blue; the desert nomad had been warning about something ominous yet revolutionary on the edge of the desert…

The nation of Israel was looking for a king to conquer the nations; someone to command the armies with invincibility. Instead, a poor, Galilean child from Nazareth was rumored to be the Chosen One, but he didn’t look the part. And as soon as the desert prophet boldly claimed Yeshua was the One for whom they had hoped, Lucifer feared for the safety of his kingdom.

As Yeshua stepped out of the Jordan River, He was not headed to the City of David to be crowned king by the crowds like they hoped, but instead He headed to the desert … by Himself! Lucifer watched as the Prince came up out of that desert river. He watched Him walk into the wilderness and followed Him.

Many think Michael, now Yeshua, was some superhero acting a part, which totally downplays what really happened. Michael had laid down all powers and became a weak human with ability to access power from Jannah, just like any other human could.

Here were the three tests the Man must pass: the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life – all three where mankind had fallen in the beginning.”

Episode 5: My Confession

“In just a few decades, all of Yeshua’s closest friends, His disciples, had been charged with treason and executed in countries around the world, but one- just one- survived. Finally, they sentenced him to an island prison in the Mediterranean: Patmos. His name was John.

The Prince came to visit him and revealed to him what would take place in the future. He was shown by one of the guardians the future all the way down to our day and beyond. He was shown the judgement of Babylon the Great, this global, fraudulent system that has done so much damage on the earth, with whom the kings of the earth have ‘committed fornication.’ John calls her a whore and says, ‘The inhabitants of the earth were made drunk with the wine of her fornication.’

That’s how John writes it; but in our vernacular, John saw a system; an empire of selfishness and greed that would become worldwide; a system that puts desire, money, and profits above principle, people and need. John wrote how the teachings of Yeshua would be hijacked and state-run.

He wrote how the Christian church would become the greatest enemy of the followers of Yeshua… Those who wanted to keep the principles that the Prince had taught were persecuted and hunted like wild animals. They began to live in the mountains for fear of capture and torture. They wanted freedom of conscience at any cost. Deep down, we all desire the freedom to follow the dictates of our own consciences.

History tells us this lasted for over 1,400 years. That’s why our history books refer to it as the ‘Dark Ages.’ People hated the light and did all they could to shroud everything in mystery and darkness. They burned, tortured, and imprisoned those who didn’t fall in line with the religion of the state.

Truth is rarely popular, especially with those in power… Jah would see to it that freedom of conscience would not become extinct, and the New World was the only hope.”

Episode 6: The New World

“The Old World had continued long enough. It was time for something new. Hope was rising in the West. The New World, as it was called, was full of opportunities and possibilities, but more than anything, it was full of the promise of a better life – a life where people could follow the dictates of their own consciences. Around this time, the King of England, speaking of those who prized conscience over anything else, is quoted as saying, ‘Conform, or … harry them out of the land, or else worse.’

The New World was a land with no pope or king. Just as America was rising, the Old World was in the midst of the Revolution, in the heart of where the Inquisition had been the strongest: France… That’s often what happens in revolution: once people have nothing left to lose, they lose it. You can hear the rumblings of this today. Nevertheless, this was no random moment; the period of time, long foretold as 1,260 years of reign for the Old World and Rome, was over.

As the Old World was falling, the New World was rising, but many times, it’s easier to take someone out of Babylon than to take Babylon out of someone… [S]adly, not long after they arrived, many began to mandate that only church members can serve in government, and it was not long before persecution arose … in the New World.

When the church loses its power, it turns to power. Actually, when the church loses its power, it turns to force. When the church loses its supposed power from God, it turns to the power of mankind. And that’s how a war would break out on American soil.”

Episode 7: Divide and Conquer

“When you reject light, the doors of the soul are flung open to darkness.

The country was increasingly divided on the issue of slavery… Suspicions were swirling that Jesuits had taken an oath to subvert the U.S. Constitution, and many believed they were behind Millard Filmore. Soon after this, Filmore became president and quickly moved through Congress everything against which Taylor had stood. In September, The Fugitive Slave Act is voted and strengthened.

[G]uardians were working on using Lincoln as well. The guardians tried to help Lincoln see what was really going on. They saw this scene long before: the same tactics to divide and conquer, led by Lucifer in the city of Jannah.

This spirit of rebellion and division is swelling again today in this country and inspired by the same rebel leader who starts all wars: Lucifer. He’s preparing for one last conflict in which the whole world will be involved.

However, the guardians are preserving this nation a little longer to fulfill its ultimate destiny.”

Episode 8: In God We Trust

“As the country started to heal after the war, there continued to be attacks to divide it, but the hand of Providence was still working in the midst of this nation. There were consistent attempts to take it down the empire path like many nations before her. One of the most sinister was through the monetary supply. There were attempts at a central bank, an entity that would control the monetary supply of a nation through the 1800’s, and success was on and off. Andrew Jackson played heavily in the role of a central bank in the United States.

Money began to be printed and loaned to this nation, putting it further and further in debt… America has been so central in world events in the past 200 years because she was established to uphold the principles of Jannah; the founding documents describe that. As long as she has maintained these principles, she has been safe. However, a change is coming.

As money was being loaned so easily, the military industrial complex rose up. It was the perfect marriage. War needs money. Money needs war… President Kennedy saw the dangers. As soon as he signed the executive order that would have made the privately owned Federal Reserve unnecessary, thus eliminating interest payments on borrowed funds, it was only a matter of time before the love of money led a man to do one of the most heinous things: taking the life of the leader of the free world. His assassination forever stifled anyone else from challenging that power dynamic.

With more wars to fund, the Federal Reserve printed more and more fiat paper currency. Countries were concerned it would devalue the currency, so they began seeking to convert their dollars into gold. It increased so much that President Nixon decided to delink the U.S. dollar from the gold standard.

Once that happened, printing of fiat currency soared… When the U.S. got off the gold standard, money began to be loaned to pretty much anyone for anything. The allure of the American Dream was now an allure of the seduction of debt to have the appearance of wealth, just like your neighbors… Values began to decline… Drug use soared; gambling addiction took off; sex saturated the culture; pornography satisfied the lonely; and religion and spirituality lost their luster.

With society unmoored and tensions rising, the religious right saw that they were losing influence… This mingling of church and state, even in free America, was predicted. The prophecies foretold that the professed friends of Jesus would become His enemies.

This nation was to be a safe haven for freedom of conscience… She was like a lamb with two horns, but what happens next? She speaks like a dragon, the very symbol of Lucifer.”

Episode 9: The Black Swan

“Where do you see the world trending? If we stepped back and saw the bigger picture, what would we see? Why has the cosmic war continued for so long? Will it ever come to an end?

The Constitution that has served America so well seems under increasing scrutiny… Earlier, we talked about systems of control being put in place, but how could that be implemented on a global scale? Could it perhaps be by the same power that has 1,000 military bases on the earth in over 80 countries? America today is the sole superpower.

Furthermore, by the decree of enforcing the institution of the papacy in violation of the law of God, America will disconnect herself fully from righteousness. Can you imagine a day when morality could be legislated in this nation?

There have been attempts to bring all of this into our ranks many times in recent years, but the winds of disruption are being held back by the guardians. However, when there are enough representatives to stand for the truth and light, then the winds will be let go.

When that happens, we must be ready to stand through a time of trouble. It is not a far-distant fantasy. Yeshua described the signs for when things would be loosening, so for what should we be looking? A black swan.

A black swan is an extremely rare event with severe consequences. It cannot be predicted beforehand, though many claim it should be predictable after the fact…

Lucifer has studied the secrets of the laboratories of nature and he uses all his power to control the elements as far as Jah allows… [H]ow would the deception of nearly 8 billion people take place? One step at a time… Think of every disaster movie, alien contact movie, etc… We’ve been brainwashed in order to prepare us for what is coming, such as making contact with super-intelligent, advanced beings from another realm and finding out that death is not the end.

Lucifer is herding people into cities to control them… So many people lately are becoming ‘spiritual’. They have no defense to superstition or mysticism, so they are open to anything the paranormal can make appear as real, and that is where it’s going to get real… We can hear the news cycle even starting to ramp up what was once a conspiracy: that we are on the verge of making contact with intelligent alien life; but what if it’s just Lucifer sending his legions to earth to represent beings from far-distant galaxies?

If the news and NASA are to be believed, then intelligent alien life will appear to make contact very soon… How would you react if you turned on the news, and it was announced that we have made contact with ancestors and loved ones from another dimension? Could the gods of legend and the world’s religions appear in the great urban centers of the world?

Without any defense, all the religions will be deceived… Through fear or force, Lucifer always endeavors to rule the conscience and to secure homage to himself… We await one last deception.”

Episode 10: Earth 2.0

“How does this story end?

Imagine a planet in chaos. Ancestors, friends, family – all our loved ones seeming to come back from the dead, starting to appear all over the world, and making contact with us. How about diseases being healed instantly, yet war is raging and nature is seemingly out of control?

The argument will be raised that this all could end if that one little group of traitors, those rebels claiming conscience over culture, would fall in line. Their supposed infidelity is spiraling the world into extinction.

Pen cannot depict and word cannot describe what lies before us. As the calamities continue, nature rips apart at the seams, and the economy struggles to maintain our temporal prosperity, could America’s lawmakers eventually feel as though they have no other choice than to appease the protesters on both sides – the one that sees anything as progress in the name of preventing environmental catastrophe and the one that claims an angry God is offended by the moral decay of society?

For a time, it will seem that new laws to appease the masses at the expense of the few are the solution… Imagine if new laws were enacted in America, and the nation’s calamities and pestilences ceased. Then the rest of the world will follow and remove liberty of conscience in a moment if that is truly all that is needed to stop this crisis.

When someone gets on the microphone to declare peace, security and safety, that’s usually a time to be concerned. Babylon and all of her systems of selfishness, corruption, greed and evil will be laid open for all to see, and in a moment, she will be no more. Revelation tells us that there will be seven judgments poured out onto the world – on all those who chose selfishness over love. All those who thought they could save themselves will be sorely disappointed.”

“If this story is true, on which side of the war do you find yourself? On which side do you want to be found?

If what you have heard is even intriguing, I invite you to continue this journey. However, if what you’ve heard isn’t for you, then at least you can better understand some of the ideas and concepts that are shaping world events and geopolitics in our world today and perhaps tomorrow.”

These excerpts are from the book Love and War by Jared Thurmon. You can watch the full 10-part video series for free at

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Roger Sherman is a minarchist libertarian who hails from the great State of Connecticut. Although he resides in a big government "Blue State", Sherman believes that liberty can still prevail. Sherman works "behind enemy lines" to spread the message of liberty to all those who desire to be left alone by the government, provided they respect the rights of others and don't aggress against anyone unless first aggressed upon.

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