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Every Legal Vote

Every Legal Vote

There is a LOT of information and misinformation out there about the potential voter fraud in the 2020 November election. offers a clean, user-friendly, and objective resource for aggregating reports of fraud, including statistical anomalies that may end up proving substantial voter fraud.

They also have an extensive page of information on the different types of voter fraud that have been known to affect democratic elections: Fraud PhD

Not all the reports on this site may be legitimate cases of voter fraud, but that should be for the people and courts to decide, not the Mainstream Media.

Visit to learn more.

About The Author

Roger Sherman

Roger Sherman is a minarchist libertarian who hails from the great State of Connecticut. Although he resides in a big government "Blue State", Sherman believes that liberty can still prevail. Sherman works "behind enemy lines" to spread the message of liberty to all those who desire to be left alone by the government, provided they respect the rights of others and don't aggress against anyone unless first aggressed upon.

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