Why Taxation Is Theft And Some Government Models To Fix It

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Guest Post by: Weeb Media Group

Let’s say you were a business owner in downtown New York, a small little pasta shop, the mafia comes up to you and says “give me 20% of your profits and we will give you protection but if you don’t we will kidnap you and take your business” you would reasonably argue that that is morally wrong and theft. Now replace “mafia” with “government” and replace “kidnap” with “arrest”. Does that mean it’s morally reasonable because someone calls themselves the government instead of the mafia? Here is a quite famous meme: what makes jobs, not slavery? consent. What makes sex not rape? Consent. What makes taxation not theft? Magical fairy dust

Instead of a tax-based system here are 2 solutions

  1. Government-provided for-profit services like mail, roads/tolls, healthcare to generate revenue
    • In this scenario government would provide services like mail. FedEx made 69.217B in fy 2020 and UPS earned 84.826 billion in fy 2020. Let’s say that the government made the same as both combined, which is pretty feasible because consumers have an incentive to buy there because it’s funding the government.
    • The next business opportunity the government should pursue is tolling and making roads. According to the government they make 1.8 billion in the northeast that isn’t including anything west of PA and south of MD. I couldn’t find data on national toll roads. But if we take into account the useless spending of the govt we could halve our expenditures and we would boost up profits to 2.688 billion per year.
    • Additionally, if we offered a healthcare insurance/hospital we would be making 121 billion a year in revenue. The company I’m basing this off of is buying loads of stuff to write off as a business expense to avoid taxes so let’s say that 50% of revenue is profit we would be making 50 billion a year in profit.
    • Add all this up together, and this isn’t including other services like schooling, public transport, licensing for things like planes and ham radio etc, we would be making 280 billion a year. We put 10 billion a year to roads (but “meh roads!”) and 100 billion a year to the military. We give the rest to states and municipalities which can have an optional local tax that would be at the discretion of the municipalities. We can also bring in more funding by having the states owe the national government a certain debt proportional to their population and they will pay that rather than be through taxes or owning companies. This is the less feasible of my 2 options because there would be less money and it probably wouldn’t work
  2. Voluntary taxes
    • This is pretty similar to the first option, in this scenario we have a voluntary tax system on the municipality level and if you pay taxes you get services like the police (if the municipality chooses) healthcare social security, and other various government services. Then the municipalities would have a debt to pay based on the population and the percent of the population that pays taxes. We include the population because if a city does a bad job at running the police/healthcare/services then people are going to opt for the better private option. After all, you would be getting a better service for a lower price. If I were a leader of one municipality I would have a tier system:
      • Tier f: 5% tax, you get police and 5k school credit a year free public transport
      • Tier c: 10% tax police 7k school credit public transport faster license approval
      • Tier b: 50% tax same as all the other but you get 66% of your medicine paid for and 15k school credit
      • Tier a: 80% tax same as all the lower tiers but free healthcare and the government pays 33% of the rent/mortgage 20k school credit
      • Tier s: 100% tax same as the last but 50k a year in spending and 70% of the rent is paid by government

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