FF 276 – Coffee Shop Owner Fights Lockdowns and to Impeach the KY Gov with Andrew Cooperrider

On today’s episode Andrew Cooperrider joins John to talk about how he’s using his local coffee shop to fight back against tyranny in Kentucky. Andrew is the owner of Brewed, a Kentucky coffee shop that refused to close down when governor Andy Beshear ordered all restaurants to close.

Andrew, like so many entrepreneurs, has had to fight to keep his businesses going during the lockdowns. He’s had some extreme hurdles thrown at him by his state government, including having his food service license taken away. Andrew managed to get his food service license back all the while remaining open without the government’s permission. Andrew also petitioned for the impeachment of Andy Beshear, prompting the government to fine him $42,000. He’s fighting this charge in federal court right now. and you can donate to help defend his cause here.

Listen to this episode.

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