‘Don’t Be Bullied’ about Experimental Coronavirus Vaccine Shots Say Billboards in Several States

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People driving around the Texas cities of Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas over the last few days have seen new billboards along major highways encouraging them to resist the incessant bullying from politicians, media, schools, businesses, and employers related to the experimental coronavirus “vaccine” shots.

The huge billboards declare the messages “Make an Informed Choice!” and “DON’T BE BULLIED.” The billboards also display the image of a gloved hand holding a vial labeled “COVID 19 Coronavirus Vaccine.”

Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom (CCHF) put up the billboards recently in Texas. CCHF had put up similar billboards in Idaho, Minnesota, and Wisconsin before it announced, on August 25, its billboards public outreach effort. In its press release announcing the billboards public outreach effort, CCHF declared it had “the intent of raising awareness and building resistance to the vaccination mandates that are currently being used as an effort to coerce Americans into submitting to the ‘jab’.”

More power to CCHF in its effort to directly communicate a contrary view to people who are relentlessly bombarded with propaganda promoting not just the taking of experimental coronavirus vaccines, but the imposing of vaccine passports and vaccine mandates as well. The big money media and social media, acting like bullies, seek to prevent people from hearing the arguments that counter the propaganda. It is thus important for people trying to counter the propaganda to use alternative means, billboards among them, to circumvent the information gatekeepers.

In Texas, newspaper and TV station news stories about the new billboards have predictably used the “reporting” to condemn the billboards’ message while again trumpeting the party line on the experimental coronavirus vaccine shots. Bullying, indeed.

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