UK citizens could be forced to take COVID test on livestream

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UK residents returning from other countries might be required to take their COVID-19 tests on live video to prove they are not lying.

Vaccinated Britons returning from abroad still have to take COVID tests. The UK health minister Sajid Javid said that the government would allow the fully vaccinated to take the much cheaper lateral flow test, instead of the PCR tests, which is the current requirement.

However, the health minister is concerned that people could lie about their test results. Therefore, he proposed that the tests should be taken on video calls under the supervision of a health adviser from a private company, according to the Times.

The minister’s recommendation might come into effect before the end of the month.

Javid’s proposal is not the most extreme COVID measure that has been implemented.

In Australia, people under self-quarantine are required to take geo-trackable selfies to prove that they are staying at home. Under the scheme, which is being tested in the state of Victoria, people who are supposed to be under quarantine will receive random calls from authorities.

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