UN Tells Greta Thunberg To Pound Sand Over Climate Complaint

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UN Tells Greta Thunberg To Pound Sand Over Climate Complaint

After three years of deliberations, an 18-member UN panel told Swedish climate alarmist Greta Thunberg to pound sand – saying that it could not immediately rule on a complaint that state inaction on climate change violates children’s rights – and that the teenage exhibitionist should have taken the case to national courts first.

The complaint, filed in 2019, argues that France, Turkey, Brazil, Germany and Argentina (but not China) failed to curb their carbon emissions despite knowing the risks of climate change for decades.

“I have no doubt this judgment will haunt the committee in the future,” said US petitioner Alexandria Villasenor of the Monday judgement, according to Reuters. “When the climate disasters are even more severe than they are now, the committee will severely regret not doing the right thing when they had the chance.”

While Thunberg has yet to comment, we assume it will be along the lines of…

The case is one of a growing number of climate litigation cases that invoke human rights and is seen as setting an important precedent.

The committee, made up of 18 independent human rights experts, concluded that a “sufficient causal link” had been established between the significant harm allegedly suffered by the children and the acts or omissions of the five states.

However, it accepted the arguments of the five countries that the children should have tried to bring cases to their national courts first.

“You were successful on some aspects but not on others,” the committee told the young activists in a letter, which commended them on their “courage and determination.”

“We hope that you will be empowered by the positive aspects of this decision, and that you will continue to act in your own countries and regions and internationally to fight for justice on climate change,” the letter added.

Attorneys representing the children said they would attempt to go through national courts, however it would likely be time-consuming and fruitless.

“In effect, the Committee instructed the youth to squander years waiting for inevitable dismissal,” reads a late-Monday joint statement from lawyers Hausfeld and Earthjustice.

Meanwhile, looks like Thunberg isn’t backing down in her war against all polluting countries except China.

How. Dare. They.

Tyler Durden
Tue, 10/12/2021 – 20:10

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