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10/11/21 Andrew Quilty on the Afghan War Criminals being Brought to the United States

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Scott interviews Andrew Quilty, a journalist who’s stayed in Kabul, about a recent article he wrote for the Intercept. The article talks about the Zero Units which were militia groups of Afghan commandos led by CIA advisors, or handlers. These units gained notoriety during the war and have been accused of numerous war crimes. Many refer to them as CIA Death Squads. Quilty explains how members of these Death Squads were given priority in the evacuation from Kabul and how they will be resettled in the United States. Quilty also gives his account of how things are in Afghanistan after the U.S. has pulled out.

Discussed on the show:

Andrew Quilty is an Australian freelance photojournalist and reporter. A winner of Polk and World Press Photo awards, he has been based in Kabul since 2013. Follow him on Twitter or at andrewquilty.com.

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