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Hillary Clinton calls for more Big Tech censorship

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Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has called for more censorship on Big Tech platforms, singling out Facebook as the most problematic.

In a recent interview with The View, the 2016 presidential candidate blamed former President Donald Trump and Facebook for the Jan 6 riot at the US Capitol, which she described as a “constitutional crisis.”

According to her, the solution is more censorship.

“…[it] gives me absolutely no satisfaction in saying this, because I think we’re at a very dangerous, continuing, high-level attack on the legitimacy of our government and the election of our president,” she said.

“Obviously, our former president is not only behind it, he incited it, he encouraged it, and he continues to do so,” Clinton added.

She continued to argue that “democracy is at stake” as a result of online “misinformation.| She singled out Facebook as the most problematic platform in the spread of misinformation. In Clinton’s opinion, removing online disinformation is crucial to upholding democracy in the US.

“When you combine [claims of election fraud] with disinformation from Facebook, you’ve got a volatile mix. We’re still in the midst of a concerted, well-funded effort to undermine American democracy,” she explained.

In recent months, Facebook has been blasted by some for not censoring enough “misinformation.” More recently, internal documents leaked by the Wall Street Journal preceded the latest big push for a crackdown.

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