Be The Face of Change and Pledge for EFF Through CFC Today!

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The pledge period for the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is underway and EFF needs your help! Last year, U.S. government employees raised over $38,000 for EFF through the CFC, helping us fight for privacy, free speech, and security on the internet so that we can help create a better digital future.

The Combined Federal Campaign is the world’s largest and most successful annual charity campaign for U.S. federal employees and retirees. Since its inception in 1961, the CFC fundraiser has raised more than $8.5 billion for local, national, and international charities. This year’s campaign runs from September 1 to January 15, 2022. Be sure to make your pledge before the campaign ends!

U.S. government employees can give to EFF by going to and clicking DONATE to give via payroll deduction, credit/debit, or an e-check! Be sure to use EFF’s CFC ID # 10437. You can even scan the QR code below!

You Can Be The Face of Change and CFC QR code

This year’s CFC theme is “You Can Be The Face of Change,” as your donations help countless charities to make the world better. With your support, EFF can continue our strides towards internet freedom. Recently we have: pushed Apple to pause its plan to install dangerous photo and message scanning features onto its devices, worked with California residents and lawmakers to pass one of the largest state investments in public fiber broadband in U.S. history, and launched the “Dark Patterns Tip Line” with partners to shed light on deceptive patterns in consumer tech products and services. 

Government employees have a tremendous impact on the shape of our democracy and the future of civil liberties and human rights online. Support EFF today by using our CFC ID #10437 when you make a pledge!

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