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I’m always looking for ways to talk about cyberpolicy without being a bore about it. Twenty-page think tank papers have their place, and I once wrote a book with over a thousand footnotes, but I started podcasting to make cyberpolicy a little more accessible.

Now I’m trying something that I hope will be even more fun – occasional cartoons. I was a big comic book fan in my youth, and in college I drew and published a few underground comix, so sooner or later it was inevitable that I’d return to the form as a way to talk about law and policy.  I couldn’t draw in college and I still can’t, but the Federalist Society’s Regulatory Transparency Project (which takes no positions on particular legal and public policy matters) has kindly agreed to an experiment in turning my ideas into comic form. The experiment will last as long as the Project’s patience and my enthusiasm do. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy them.

Here’s the first, a commentary on Europe’s data protection policy and just how neatly the European and Chinese penchants for discretionary punishments coincide.

Fight Censorship, Share This Post!

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