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It’s been a few years since we originally launched the Libertarian Hub and we’ve been using the same theme from the beginning. This week we launched a complete overhaul to the website design! The new style is purposefully simple and minimalist. So many news sites these days try to cram too many details and elements into the design and the resulting experience is stressful and overwhelming.

Our new theme is also ultra-lightweight for drastically-improved loadtimes. Although our original theme was visually appealing, it was not optimized for speed or performance. In the beginning when traffic was low this wasn’t too much of a problem. However, as the Libertarian Hub has grown over the years we needed an optimized theme so that pages load lightning fast for all our visitors!

Finally, we added a dark mode toggle to the bottom righthand corner of the screen. Not everyone likes to read websites with a blinding background, so we’ve added a new dark mode to take the strain off our readers’ eyes. We hope you enjoy the new look.

Fight Censorship, Share This Post!

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