Rail Company Chides Twitter User For Snitching On Passenger For Not Wearing A Mask

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Rail Company Chides Twitter User For Snitching On Passenger For Not Wearing A Mask

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

After a Twitter user snitched on a fellow passenger for not wearing a face mask on a train in Scotland, the rail company responded by telling the grass that he shouldn’t be taking creepy pictures of strangers.

You love to see it.

Perhaps believing that he would get to bathe in the virtuous dopamine of likes and approval from fellow mask zealots, Gordon Torrie took to Twitter to share his disgust at a woman who had let her face covering slip below her chin.

“@scotrail I was under the impression that face coverings were mandatory on public transport in Scotland. As this person has a covering beneath their chin, I doubt they are excused. We are travelling from Edinburgh to Dundee.#somepeopledontcare #selfish #COVID19,” the idiot tweeted.

ScotRail staffer Dean replied by ratioing the loser and making fun of him.

“Hi Gordon, it’s not really nice to take pictures of other passengers, we’re not going to comment on this,” he tweeted.

Not to be deterred, Torrie tried to continue the argument.

What is your responsibility when it comes to keeping your passengers safe? Someone failing to wear a face covering is not only putting that persons health at risk, but also risking the health of all other passengers in the carriage. #keepmesafe #idontwanttodie.”

Dean from Rail Scotland informed him that the company has no powers to enforce mask mandates.

Respondents overwhelmingly sided with Dean from ScotRail.

“Be like Dean, not like Gordon,” commented one.

“Well done Dean, it’s horrifying that someone is roaming trains photographing women travelling on their own,” added another.

If the woman who featured in the photo responds, the circle will be complete.

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Thu, 10/21/2021 – 03:30

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