Weekend Insights – Malice, Anarchism, Batman, and much more…

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Welcome back to Weekend Insights, your LCI “President’s Corner” of miscellaneous articles, events, books, vids, and whatever else I’m thinking about… 

Today is a great day to share some videos…

Michael Malice was on Glenn Beck’s podcast talking about anarcho-capitalism. Even just the first 10 minutes is a massive dump on statism that sends Glenn Beck on a near-tailspin. ROCK ON!

Discovering the Tom Woods video series on the Catholic Church and western civ that I never knew about… (Shame on me! But at least I have the book.)

Learn about the puzzling reality of the three-body problem in physics:

Excited about the new Batman movie? Well get a load of this script:

Here’s to discovering older work from our hilarious libertarian parody-writing friend GoRemy:

Bloomberg reports that Nike Founder Phil Knight is passing down a lot of wealth to his heirs tax-free. Whereas some people get all hot-and-bothered about this, here’s my response: Let’s learn how all of us can do it, you weirdos. These criticisms are eye-rollers.

As always, don’t forget to check out our book Faith Seeking Freedom! (You can get two copies by donating at least $20 via this link.)

Cheers, and have a great week!

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