Wait Until All These New Homebuyers See Their Property Taxes Go Up Next Year

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Wait Until All These New Homebuyers See Their Property Taxes Go Up Next Year

To add another chapter to the “our economy is a ponzi scheme bubble that is bound to eventually burst” argument, those who went out and overpaid for property this year may wind up with a hangover in the form up skyrocketing property taxes.

We all know that higher real estate prices (hereinafter referred to as “a real estate bubble”) are often praised by government and Fed officials as signs of progress for the economy. They’re great news for those who already own property and terrible news for those looking to enter the market for the first time.

But buyers in 2021 may face even more buyers remorse, on top of overpaying for property: they may soon find out that property taxes are going to increase, an article from The Motley Fool astutely noted this summer

This once again makes an already-expensive house an additional burden by levying more costs in the form of taxes.

Property taxes are determined by the assessed value of a home and multiplying it by your local municipality’s tax rate. 

Assessments can obviously rise in price as homes do, driving taxes higher. 

Homeowners in 2021 are already starting to see these effects, the Fool article writes. An average property tax bill for a single family home went up from $3,561 to $3,719 in 2020, the report noted. Property taxes rose $323 billion, or 5.4%, in 2020, the report notes. It’s not unreasonable to assume these taxes will continue to rise at this alarming clip for 2021, as the real estate market continued its “recovery” this year.

While homeowners can appeal property tax assessments, the process “isn’t easy”. 

“It’s for this reason that homeowners are advised not to max out their budgets when purchasing property,” the Fool article hilariously ends by saying. Perhaps someone can inform them that tapping out all lines of credit and maxing out one’s budget is the American way…  

Tyler Durden
Wed, 10/27/2021 – 19:10

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