Poland Is Playing A Dangerous Game

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Dancing with The Globalists
The propaganda is endless and everywhere. The images of babies and elderly people fleeing war blasted across western “news” sites with unsubtle headlines like:


There was once a masterful art to effective propaganda as psychological manipulation. Subtlety is no longer required with so many eager to assimilate to the latest media created madness, socially conditioned to reveal their stupidity in the comment sections: “Putin is the next Hitler! Someone needs to stop him at once!”

The citizens are seamlessly assimilating to this prepared Ukrainian Borg, happy to outsource their brains to a western corporate media who command them to only devote their emotions to the cause and nothing more.

Everything is designed to pull at the heart strings of people to manufacture consent for this conflict that should never have started and could be immediately ended with Ukraine disavowing NATO membership and allowing three majority Russian regions to rejoin their mother.

This is what the west wants, more war, more refugees, more propaganda to be used for their efforts to topple Putin in Russia. The warring neoliberals and neocons have been planning this for years and are loving every minute of the show.

With each passing day the comic and his minions become more emboldened. Zelensky’s playing his role like a real entertainer. He’s now dancing with the globalist stars. His Cha Cha was dazzling. Those twists he did for the Jitterbug routine were acrobatic. The Borg are lapping it up. Celebrities and blue check marks amplifying his twitter “bravery” and “courage” across attention networks.

Back stage global managers are offering him new mega yachts and a second Florida mansion, maybe even historical glory for maximizing his rhetorical bear-poking and now NATO-poking games. The comic will be known as the Winston Churchill of World War Three, despite Boris Johnson’s best buffoonish efforts to shove himself into that role.

Today the comic showed his footwork versatility with a floating tango. Imagine Churchill’s voice echoing across the BBC airwaves to inspire the homeland: “We will punish everyone who committed atrocities in this war. There will be no quiet place on this earth for you. Except for the grave.”

Blistering execution from the former ‘dancing with the stars’ winner in Ukraine. Tough words for a man who will only get richer with each threat leveled while guaranteeing another five hundred Ukrainian mothers never see their sons or daughters again.

Before the U.S. committed to the last world war, Churchill would meet in secret with Roosevelt on some anchored merchant ship off Nova Scotia to lobby him for more planes and jeeps. Today the comic simply turns on the apple phone and dances for western audiences who blindly applaud their own bleak futures and the pointless deaths of more Ukrainian kids.

Soon we will see his freestyle where he calls on the U.S. to launch direct strikes on Russian targets. The little comic is getting too big for his little underground green screen performances from the Ukrainian embassy in Warsaw.

He still could end it all with a phone call and common sense, but the western Hyenas who cook up conflict everywhere chose him for this moment and he’s playing his role to perfection.

They’re desperately trying to manufacture consent for a global conflagration now. The comic and his posse are poking NATO, calling them cowards. The assimilated and ignorant Borg are cheering them on without realizing that if things escalate their homes will be turned into radioactive dust.

NATO are clowns to put up with these foolhardy and reckless servants of global war games and that’s always been NATO’s most effective role, clowns.

If I were in charge of NATO I’d be dealing with the audacious comic and his minions quite differently. Why sacrifice the whole world with nuclear annihilation for Ukraine?

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