Resurging Nationalism: A Threat to Human Flourishing?

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This session was recorded at FreedomFest in Memphis, TN, on July 15, 2023 and was sponsored by the Libertarian Christian Institute.

The panel was moderated by Reason’s Nick Gillespie, the panelists were Norman Horn, Rich Lowry, and Bryan Caplan.

The panel explored the various facets of nationalism, examining its historical context and current resurgence around the world. They question whether nationalism poses any threat to human flourishing and international peace, or if it is simply a natural expression of personal preferences. The panelists also explore the relationship between nationalism and identity politics, discussing the role of loyalty to one’s country and the pursuit of human flourishing. Also discussed are key moments in history where nationalism has played a significant role, shedding light on both positive and negative outcomes. They also examine the impact of nationalism on immigration policies, corporate culture, and the notion of self-governance.

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