Burning The Last Man

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Joe Biden doesn’t care about Hawaii. Why should he? A man who doesn’t know what day it is can hardly be bothered to wipe the drool off his chin from the blue polyester beach chairs of Delaware’s most exquisite resorts. He need not concern himself with a thousand charred Americans.

It’s not historically unusual for Presidents to shrug about a thousand charred Americans. Democrat socialist hero FDR didn’t care about a thousand sailors charred in nearby Pearl Harbor. He actually spent nine months doing everything possible to help get them charred. “The war begins tomorrow, gentlemen.”

  • 6 Dec. – the war cabinet: FDR, top advisor Hopkins, Stimson, Marshall, Secretary of the Navy Knox, with aides John McCrea and Frank Beatty “deliberately sat through the night of 6 December 1941 waiting for the Japs to strike.” (Infamy ch 16 sec 2)

President Richard Cheney didn’t care about a few thousand charred Americans on September 10, 2001. There was a $2 Trillion DoD pilfering to hide and a prewritten Patriot Act that needed passing. “Are our Saudi friends in position? Good, place the thermite charges, gentlemen.”

Papa Dementia’s handlers don’t care about Hawaii or a thousand charred Americans. Why should they? The people of Hawaii will vote Democrat, consistently, forever, no matter what happens to them. They aren’t losing any votes over some silly infernos. Even the charred Americans will have no trouble voting in 2024, for whichever puppet is put forth with (D) beside its name.

Ring doorbell video footage could emerge of Oprah, Hillary, Hunter, Schumer, and Pelosi, hiking around Lahaina with that wet poodle Wasserman-Schultz following on a leash pouring gallons of petrol and tossing Molotov Cocktails and Hawaiins will still vote for the party on board with the WEF-UN global domestic terror agenda.

You will acknowledge the climate agenda for our great resent or we have ways of making you burn.

I know what some of you are thinking. All this caustic and callous language in the aftermath of a horrific tragedy is in bad taste and should warrant an apology, sincere or performative, or a coupon for half-off good citizen salt.

Not today, kids.

Don’t shoot the messenger. You knew what you were signing up for here.

Yes, people are dead, but I didn’t light them on fire. I didn’t send them fleeing into the ocean off Maui. Or into the seas off Rhodes, Corfu, Sicily, all fires started by record high temperatures from climate change men with matches and lighters.

But lo and behold what just came off the X wires! What if I’m wrong?

Hiding in plain sight: they can’t help making confessions.

See, they do care! They really do care! And as an act of caring so so much, they’ve offered victims of the Maui infernos $700.

I know what you’re thinking, $51 million to Maui, $13 Billion more for Ukraine, seems a wee bit unbalanced. But you’re thinking about it all wrong.

Because when you do think about it, $700 could rent each household a cadaver dog for a day to help locate the bone fragments of loved ones.

Not the Bee headline: FEMA rents cadaver dogs to families of missing Maui victims. $51 Million for victim families sent from Treasury Account FEMA 001 to Treasury Account FEMA 002.

If the people of Maui want more federal assistance, these days there are really only three ways to go about succeeding and it’s not that difficult:

  1. Start a Go-Fund-Me for Hunter’s offshore shell companies with a designation for 10% for the “big guy”
  2. Declare war on Russia
  3. Become a Purple state

Option three will require the importation of rational-thinking humans, by the millions and there’s no time for that.

Option two is dangerous and could see Hawaii wiped off the map.

Option one seems the quicker and less painful way to go.

What did Hawaiians really lose after all, other than their loved ones?

All that beautiful beachfront property was such a waste in the hands of locals.

What were they doing with it that was so special?

Exhibiting their pride in culture, heritage, and historical traditions and joyously sharing it with the world while providing small businesses the opportunity to flourish off tourism creating thousands of jobs?

Pffff. What good does that do for ze forse industreeeel revolushun?

How does that help Blackrock or Vanguard?

Build Back Better can’t happen without a lot of wholesome destruction and devastation.

Times a’ wastin’ people. The earth is dying. We need those 15-minute smart cities up and running pronto!

But not on the third most expensive beachfront property in the world after Monaco and Malibu.

Lahaina will have to be built back better somewhere else, maybe moved south and inland, away from the marmalade sands and blue waters perfect for the big-shot developers that fill DNC coffers. They have to get something for their “donations” after all.

The sooner any valuable American property turns to ash and dust the sooner insurance companies can rip off property owners, and benevolent Billionaires like Oprah and Data Zuckerberg can swoop in and add to their thousand-acre portfolios of ancient sacred Hawaiian lands.

Paradise is no place for the feudal classes anyway. They don’t know how to enjoy it like the Oligarch class does.

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