Pandemic II – The Disease X Act 2023 Gives the Baton to Johns Hopkins

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The Biden Regime is making a fatal error in reducing our militaries to LGBT fan clubs of trans-operations and abortions.   The mockery was invited.   Mockery is their ‘entertainment’.   But in all things, they continue to destroy what they NEED.  Pandemic II.

Destroying Lahaina so as to recreate Maui into an elite playground replete with every element of trafficking toys will require a full succession of Cartel Hawaii from the US.  Destroying our military will leave the Cartel with only the CIA and FBI as their guardsmen.   Even in those agencies, the splintering effect is widening as whistleblowers come out in reams!

Civil War is a doubtful resolution and very improbable. Why?   There are too many of us – too fractured – and weaponry has changed dramatically.   Even the Bolshevik Revolution comparison is naïve.   Direct Energy Weapons destroy precious land and wildlife necessary for the beauty they desire for themselves.   What to do?  What to do?

Which leads to the upcoming ‘Flu Season’.

It is always better to mass kill in the same manner as they impose mass hypnosis.   In the same manner that it was noted that large swathes of n’er do wells called for genocide of the unvaxed.   Turning the vaxed into Zombies who openly called for DEATH to the unvaxed was entertainment for The Cartel.

Kennedy has asserted that the biolabs in Ukraine were the actual source of the CoVid release. Those labs have been destroyed by Russia.   Now we discover that China has illegal, unregistered biolabs in California with the knowledge and financial assistance in the form of tax credits of Newsom and the CA Department of Health.    Over 300 diseases were being tested and manipulated in the lab.

And one begins to wonder just how many diseases circulating across the globe are actually MANUFACTURED?

Recall Kary Mullis the inventor of PCR technology which can NOT detect ANY virus…

The key for the Cartel is to make sure the disease and its forthcoming vaccine do not affect those whose lives necessitate being spared for the island of joy – Maui.   Obviously, they still need their chefs, their boats, their cars, their houses, their toys – and all those peasants who can provide these accouterments.

Enter Johns Hopkins:   The Disease X Act 2023;   “Infectious diseases now occur 3 times more often than 40 years ago.”   Interpretation;   the US Government has been creating diseases at a rate of 3 times what they were 40 years ago.

“As noted in the latest Threat Assessment2 by the intelligence community, drivers for natural disease emergence persist and are on the rise, and rapid advances in dual-use technology, including bioinformatics, synthetic biology, nanotechnology, and genomic editing, could enable the development of novel biological weapons that complicate detection, attribution, and treatment.”

Isn’t it rather odd that the US intelligence apparatus would be the source for information of ‘naturally occurring disease”.  

Per The Disease X Act, working with HHS on Disease X is Johns Hopkins.   They were front and center in CoVid random case counts and death counts and paying off doctors with $40,000 stipends for every CoVid labeled death…   THAT Johns Hopkins!   Their website states that they have determined there are exactly 6 families of pathogens that could be the next Pandemic:   (Adenoviridae, Coronaviridae, Orthomyxoviridae, Paramyxoviridae, Picornaviridae, and  Poxviridae). They will present as:

  • No immunity –  No preexisting immunity in the world’s population
  • Airborne –  Spread via respiratory transmission
  • Silent –  Transmissible by infected people who have no symptoms
  • Harmful –  No existing, effective therapeutics or vaccines

The Six Disease X’s Defined:

Coronaviridae = SARS, CoVid, MERS

Adenoviridae = cold/flu and pneumonia infections

Orthomyxoviridae, =   RNA viruses that cause Influenza A, B, C

Paramyxoviridae = Measles, mumps, croup, Nipa virus, and RSV

Picornaviridae = polio, encephalitis, meningitis and Hep A

Poxviridae = smallpox

Given that the pandemic will be genetically engineered from one of these foundational diseases, as with CoVid – a country will need to be blamed as its source.   Right now, the obvious US belligerent to take the blame will likely be Russia.   In addition, the re-emergence of smallpox would be quite difficult to claim as a veterinary pathogen.

My opinion is a mutation of RSV.   RSV itself is relatively common in children, however its observance in adults was recognized ONLY just this year!    Imagine that?   As a result of its marketing via NIH, CDC, and Johns Hopkins, the development of an ‘adult-only’ vaccine has already been approved by the FDA and available for a jaberwacky.  While Trial III is ongoing, the FDA no longer cares about protocols, science, efficacy, need, or viability!   They likely get a percentage from Big Pharma.   Everyone is on the take it appears.

RSV supposed origin was chimpanzees as discovered by Robert Chanock in the 1950’s.   The chimpanzee handlers then contracted the disease and it became a normal childhood infection…   At least that’s the Official Story!  Chanock worked at NIH with Fauci and at Johns Hopkins.  Ta-DA!

The Pharma giant that was not selected to participate in the CoVid Vaccine delegation, Glaxo Smith Kline, has developed Arexvy.   Like Moderna and Pfizer, GSK claims their Trial III reveals a 95% efficacy.  GSK refers researchers to the original and apparently only Trial via the New England Journal of Medicine.  According to the Trial of 25,000 participants there were exactly 47 cases of RSV among the vaxed and placebo groups.   This was determined using the PCR Test developed by Kary Mullis that according him – DOES NOT DETECT A VIRUS.

Nonetheless, the FDA has already approved the Vax/Jaberwacky despite its occurrence rate ( .1% ) being negligible.

Also like the CoVid Vax – the efficacy has an end date requiring the vax to become annual.  DANG.  The cost is roughly $300.   Its active substance source is “Chinese Hamster ovaries”.    When reviewing the varied side effects of Arexvy, it is interesting that the ‘incidence ratio is an unknown’ giving the impression its Trials have not remotely concluded!

The common side effects include:   bleeding, blistering, burning, hives, swollen face & tongue, headache so sever it prevents normal activities, fatigue, fever, vomiting, nausea, muscle pain, inability to move, swelling of joints, pain, difficulty swallowing, fainting, hives, weakness… etc…

The cure for RSV is – oxygen, humidity, and IV fluids.   Drumming up diseases and vaxes has become the only Pharma source of money.   How they intend to create an intelligence viable Pandemic at Johns Hopkins, Fort Detrick or at the Chinese facility in California – remains an unknown.  

But The Only Way to infect selected subjects and preserve others is:   1)   a secret remedy for the disease,   2)  a deadly vaccine.

Reprinted with permission from Helena-The Nationalist Voice.

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