Libertarian Christian Guest Appearances – August 2023

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When our Christians for Liberty Network hosts are not busy planning episodes and being hosts, sometimes they use their time to be the guest on a show. Every so often we get asked about our libertarian Christian views, push back about certain topics, or perhaps just basic inquiries on the nature of economics, political theory, or current events.

Dr. Norman Horn on CSPAN BookTV

While at FreedomFest, Dr. Norman Horn was able to discuss our book, Faith Seeking Freedom, with C-SPAN BookTV. Check out out here!

Alex Bernardo on Cantus Firmus

Alex Bernardo joined Cody Cook on his podcast, Cantus Firmus, talking about the church and state in the middle ages, science, the Enlightenment, and liberalism. You can watch it here, or listen here.

Dr. Art Carden Appearances

Art Carden may not be one of our CFLN hosts, but he’s the author of our brand new book, Strangers with Candy, and he’s been making his rounds on the podcast circuit. Recently he was on two podcasts:


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