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Follow the latest news from the Libertarian Hub on our Telegram channel here: https://t.me/thelibertarianhub

Ever since Twitter shut down API access we haven’t been able to auto-post to Twitter anymore (and prior to the Musk takeover our previous accounts were cancelled because of our reporting on COVID and vaccine issues). We’ve recently re-linked our Facebook page, but Facebook also has a history of shadow-banning our content and has repeatedly flagged our page for content violations for similar sensitive topics.

So far Telegram has been the only social media platform that has allowed us to freely auto-post news without any censorship. Telegram also doesn’t have weird algorithms that try to push certain content to the top of your feed. It simply displays the latest chats at the top of your feed. This makes it very convenient to follow the latest news and not worry about Big Tech suppressing certain stories for wrongthink.

Fight Censorship, Share This Post!

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