Russia could exempt Ukraine conflict volunteers from income tax

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The State Duma could give ‘volunteers’ the same privileges as service members next month, Izvestiya newspaper reported

The lower house of the Russian parliament could pass legislation next month that would exempt ‘volunteers’ fighting in Ukraine from income tax, Izvestiya newspaper has reported. Members of the Russian military serving in the conflict zone already enjoy similar privileges.

In an article on Thursday, Izvestiya noted that the bill put forward by the ruling United Russia party aims to equalize the legal status of service members and those who have signed contracts with the Rosgvardia paramilitary units. According to the media outlet, the Russian government has already signaled its readiness to support the initiative.

If the legislation is passed, such individuals will also not be charged the fees collected for issuing passports and driver’s licenses.

One of the co-authors of the bill, Anatoly Vyborny, told the newspaper that the measure would help “strengthen the fighting spirit of the defenders of the motherland.”

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All three other parties present in the Duma confirmed to reporters that they are in favor of the legislation. Oleg Nilov from the Spravedlivaya Rossiya (Just Russia) noted, however, that he would like to see more substantial assistance provided to veterans. He said that his party had suggested equalizing their status with that of WWII veterans.

Sergey Leonov from the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) said his party would back any legislation aimed at supporting those fighting in Ukraine, while Communist Party representative Nikolay Arefiev said the tax exemption would be an effective measure to support volunteers’ families. 

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