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FF 198 – From Dealing Crack to Writing Books with Mimi Harrison

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On today’s show Mimi Harrison shares her amazing story with John. Mimi is an author and a formerly incarcerated individual. She served 5 years in prison and was released in September 2016.

Mimi has written 3 books, with a fourth pending release. Mimi’s autobiography, She’s Just Like Me, tells the story of how a churchgoing girl became immersed in the volatile drug culture on the streets of America. She is here to share her story and to advocate for reform to the broken criminal justice system.

Mimi’s book’s:

She’s Just Like Me: Never Send A Man To Do A Woman’s Job Yuri’s

Vengeance: When you play with fire, you will get burnned

Yearning For Yuri (ebook): Yuri is the BITCH you love to hate!

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