Lumen Database Employee Fellow Opportunity

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The Lumen Database (at Harvard) is an invaluable archive of Internet takedown and deindexing requests: DMCA requests, requests based on libel judgments, and much more. I have relied heavily on their data in my research into forged and otherwise fraudulent or suspicious libel takedown orders, and also in my research on real anti-libel injunctions.

I just learned that they are hiring an Employee Fellow:

The Fellow will conduct and facilitate research relying on Lumen’s data.  We envision that the ideal candidate will be someone with an existing interest in the global online takedown landscape, who will be excited to dig into the notices that make up Lumen’s database, and who will identify and extract previously unforeseen or un-examined patterns.  The Fellow will also help the Lumen team to improve the database and research interface for researchers in general.

The Fellowship position is an excellent opportunity for individuals who wish to expand their knowledge and capacity in the fields of copyright, online content regulation, intermediary liability, and other related topics.  It is well-suited for candidates interested in research and production of knowledge with global, real-world impact, who seek to pursue their own scholarship in this area while also contributing to the work of the Berkman Klein Center.

You can see more details here; it looks like an excellent opportunity.

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