Professor Calls Parents “Ignorant Racist[s]” For Opposing Critical Race Theory

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Professor Calls Parents “Ignorant Racist[s]” For Opposing Critical Race Theory

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A Vanderbilt University professor recently said that parents who oppose Critical Race Theory (CRT) are “ignorant racist[s].”

“Meanwhile, ignorant racist [sic] are worried about scaring their kids w CRT,” Gilman Whiting tweeted last month after a bomb threat against Howard University, an historically Black college in Washington, DC.

Earlier the same day, Whiting tweeted“[S]chool boards across the country are banning teaching history while ignorantly calling it CRT.”

Between these tweets, Whiting opined that individuals were using their opposition to CRT to disguise their true intentions: eliminating equity in schools and “not teaching Black, Brown, & indigenous history, [and] banning books.”

Whiting, whose pinned tweet accuses another user of being “ignorant or simply racist or probably both,” holds three positions at Vanderbilt University. He is an Associate Professor of African American and Diaspora Studies, the Director of the Scholar Identity Institute, and the Director of Graduate Studies for African American and Diaspora Studies.

Whiting received his Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction with a focus on special education populations from Purdue University in 2004. He also holds an individualized M.A. in multicultural education and urban affairs from Rhode Island College.

Whiting’s areas of specialization include special needs populations, which he identifies as “at-risk learners, gifted identification, adult learners, incarceration of young Black men, [and] special education”; as well as urban education and achievement, including black identity and masculinity; and race, poverty, and fatherhood initiatives.

Campus Reform reached out to Vanderbilt University, Whiting, and Dr. Tracy Sharpley-Whiting, the chair of African American and Diaspora Studies, for comment. At the time of publication, none had responded to Campus Reform’s request for comment.

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Mon, 03/07/2022 – 23:00

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